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  • Application field of linear motor

    it can as a rotary motor along the radial direction of sectioned and then leveled evolution and linear motor can be considered is the rotary motor in the structure of a deformation. with the rapid developmen…

  • Advantages of Linear Motor

    advantages of linear motor

  • Working principle of linear motor

    linear motor is a kind of mechanical energy, which can be directly converted into linear motion mechanical energy without any intermediate conversion mechanism. it can be regarded as a rotary motor according…

  • Definition of linear motor

    linear motor is often described as a rotary motor is flat, and the principle of the same work. forcer (rotor) is the use of epoxy material to compress the coil made of; magnetic rail is the magnet (usually h…

  • Motion control card using method

    motion control card is based on pc and industrial pc machine, used for a variety of motion control situations (including displacement, speed, acceleration, etc.) of the upper control unit.

  • Application field of motion control card

    application field of motion control card
    interpolation definition

  • Cutting Principle of Laser Cutting Machine

    laser cutting machine focuses the laser beam of high power density through the optical system, which is emitted from the laser. the laser beam irradiates the surface of the workpiece, so that the workpiece r…

  • Operating Method of Laser Cutting Machine

    when the laser cutting machine is working, if it breaks down, it is very dangerous. the novice must be trained by professionals to operate independently. according to the experience, 13 details of the safety…

  • Notices for Laser Cutting Machine

    matters needing attention
    the following points should be noted in the operation of laser cutting machine:

  • Advantages of Laser Cutting Machine

    advantages of laser cutting machine
    1. high precision: it is…