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Motion control card using method

Motion control card is based on PC and industrial PC machine, used for a variety of motion control situations (including displacement, speed, acceleration, etc.) of the upper control unit.

Motion control card based on PC bus, using high performance microprocessor (such as DSP) and large-scale programmable devices to realize a plurality of servo motor of multi axis coordinated control of a high performance step into / servo motor motion control card, including pulse output, pulse count, digital input, digital output, D / a output and other functions, it can a continuous, high frequency pulse on, by changing a pulse frequency to control the motor speed, the change from the pulse number to control the motor position and its pulse output mode including pulse / direction, pulse / pulse. Pulse counting can be used for the position feedback of the encoder to provide the correct position of the machine, and to correct the error caused by the transmission process. Digital input / output points can be used for the limit, the origin of switches, etc.. Library functions include S type, T type acceleration, linear interpolation and circular interpolation, multi axis linkage function, etc.. The products are widely used in industrial automation control field, which need precise positioning, fixed length position control system and NC control system based on PC. Specific is to achieve the underlying software and hardware integration of motion control together, so that it has a variety of servo motor control speed, position control functions, these functions can be easily called by the computer. Now the domestic and international motion control card company of American Galil, PMAC, British Chui in Europe, Taiwan Delta, Ling Hua, Advantech,, development control, thunder game, high solid, Le Chuang, Adtech.

Motion control card is mainly due to the emergence of:

(1) in order to meet the requirements of the new CNC system, such as standardization, flexibility, openness, etc.;

(2) in various industrial equipment, such as packaging machinery, printing machinery, defense equipment (such as tracking positioning system, etc.), smart medical devices and other equipment automation control system development and improvement, is badly in need of a motion control module hardware platform;

(3) the PC machine is widely used in a variety of industrial field, but also to promote the use of the corresponding control card to give full play to the powerful function of PC.

Motion control cards are usually used as the core of motion control by professional motion control chips or high speed DSP, which are mostly used to control the stepper motor or servo motor. In general, motion control card and PC into a master-slave control structure: PC responsible for human-computer interaction interface of the management and control system such as real-time monitoring of work (for example the management of keyboard and mouse, the state of the system, display, trajectory planning, control instruction sending, external signal monitoring and so on); control card to complete all details of motion control (including the output of pulse and direction signal, automatic lifting speed of processing, and the origin of the limit signal detection, and so on).

Motion control cards are equipped with open function library for users to develop and construct the required control system under the DOS or Windows system platform. Therefore, the open motion control card of this structure can be widely used in various fields of equipment automation in manufacturing industry.