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How does the radiation of laser cutting machine cause damage to human eyes?

In the process of laser cutting, the characteristics of laser can make the energy highly concentrated in space and time. By focusing the refractive medium of the eye on the retina, the energy density on the retina is increased by 104-105 compared with the incident energy density on the cornea.

Laser has good monochrome and small color difference in the fundus of the eye. The above characteristics lead to very low laser energy irradiation, that is, the damage of cornea or retina caused by fiber laser cutting machine. Therefore, Xiaobian here warns you that the eyes should not look directly at the laser source when the fiber laser cutting machine is working normally.

How to avoid the radiation damage of optical fiber laser cutting machine?

1. In order to reduce the radiation of optical fiber laser cutting machine, we must use laser protective mirror, which is specially for optical fiber laser cutting machine equipment. It can effectively reduce the radiation of optical fiber laser cutting machine, so staff need not worry about it when they use it, they can safely cut the workpiece; moreover, there are many kinds of laser protective mirror, such as composite, composite, and so on. Absorption, reflection and diffraction.

2. In order to reduce the radiation of fiber laser cutting machine, in fact, the staff can protect themselves. For example, the staff can eat more food with anti-radiation, so as to effectively resist the radiation of fiber laser cutting machine. The general anti-radiation food is tomatoes, bean sprouts, carrots, animal liver and lean meat, which are rich in vitamin AC and protein. This anti-radiation effect is very good. Nowadays, laser cutting machine has been widely used, but many people's understanding of laser cutting machine still stays on the surface of laser cutting machine 'cutting iron like mud' and 'laser cutting machine' as fast as wind.

1. Vaporization Cutting

Under the heating of high power and high density laser beam of laser cutting machine, the surface temperature of material increases rapidly, which can reduce the melting problem caused by heat conduction. As a result, some materials in direct contact vanish and some materials are blown away by auxiliary gases.

2. Melting Cutting

When the power density of the laser beam incident by the laser cutter reaches a certain value, the material begins to evaporate at the irradiation point of the laser beam, forming holes. Once the hole is formed, it will act as a blackbody to absorb the energy of the incident beam. The holes are surrounded by a wall of molten metal, and then the melting material around the holes is carried away by coaxial airflow with the light beam. As the workpiece moves, the holes move synchronously and transversely in the cutting direction to form a slit. The laser beam of the laser cutter continues to radiate along this slit, and the melting material is continuously or Pulsatively blown away from the slit.

3. Oxidation melting cutting.

Laser cutting machine usually uses inert gas for melting cutting. If it is replaced by oxygen or other active gas, the material is ignited under the irradiation of laser beam and reacts with oxygen to produce another heat source, which is called oxidation melting cutting.

4. Controlling fracture cutting.

For brittle materials which are easy to be damaged by heat, high-speed and controllable cutting through laser beam heating of laser cutting machine is called controlled fracture cutting. The main content of this cutting process is: laser beam heating small area of brittle material, causing large thermal gradient and serious mechanical deformation in this area, leading to material cracking. As long as the heating gradient is balanced, the laser beam can guide the crack to produce in the desired direction.

The technology of laser cutting machine is decided by cutting materials and products. With the progress of science and technology, more and more laser cutting machine technology will be excavated in the future to benefit the world.