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Participation in the 10th Asian (Shenzhen) Laser Intelligent Manufacturing Exhibition and Laser Forum 2016

With the successful closing of the Shanghai Light Expo in Munich in 2016, the exhibition of radium laser technology has aroused heated discussion in the industry. In May, Radium Tek will go all the way south. Radium Teke will bring the most advanced technology into the South China market for promotion. The 10th Asian (Shenzhen) Advanced Laser Manufacturing Exhibition ALAT will be held.

As a benchmark in the industry, radium Tektronix laser technology can provide you with outstanding comprehensive solutions in any industry and field. In particular, cutting and welding can be reflected in any field of processing technology, through laser technology will become extraordinary. Laser has excellent beam quality. At the same time, the stable output power can provide the best processing effect in welding and cutting. It can create more effective production mode for Chinese manufacturing, thus improving production efficiency and achieving faster and more economical industrial production demand.

In this exhibition, Radium Tektek first demonstrated the optical module of laser technology in South China. You can observe the optical module construction inside the laser at close range. Through the demonstration of these modules, you can stop to communicate with technicians, understand more about the working principle of laser technology, according to your production needs, provide you with the best solution.

Life is not only meticulous, but also poetry and distance. Similarly, science and technology are not only limited, but also infinite progress and development. We sincerely invite you to come to the exhibition stand to experience and appreciate the splendor brought by science and technology together!The exhibition will make an appointment with you in May to explore the future hand in hand.