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Application of Laser Cutting Machine in Advertising Industry

Recently, we have learned that many customers in the advertising industry are familiar with laser cutting machines and plan to introduce laser cutting machines. At present, most of them use plasma cutting, or some of them are taken to outside processing factory, especially some of their customers have higher requirements for the accuracy of advertising words. After seeing their colleagues on the laser cutting machine, they are also considering the plan.

With the progress of society, the requirements for advertising and logo production are also getting higher and higher. A company in Jiangsu that produces high-quality stainless steel characters specially produces high-end high-quality stainless steel characters, titanium gold characters, gold-plated characters, high-quality aluminium characters, stainless steel solid characters, stainless steel signs and other metal billboard products. It uses the optical fiber laser cutting machine produced by Radium Tektronix Factory to give high recognition.

In front of the laser cutting machine of Radium Teke used by the billboard making company, plasma cutting is used. Because the precision of the plasma cutting machine is not high enough and the cutting surface is rough, the character cut by the plasma cutting machine has to be manually polished for the second time, which is very laborious. Sometimes it also entrusts other manufacturers to process laser cutting machine. When others are busy with processing, they often have to wait for several days, which is very time-consuming.

After using the laser cutting machine, the cutting precision is high, the cutting is completed at one time, and no secondary processing is needed. Cutting stainless steel characters is used to make fine characters. In addition to optical fiber cutting machine, Radium Teck and laser mixing machine can process acrylic and other non-metallic materials are high-quality character billboards.