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Kunshan Radium Tektek Participated in LASERFAIR 2016 to explore new technology of focusing system

Kunshan Radium Tektek is specialized in the research and manufacture of laser equipment, providing a variety of solutions for laser processing applications; at the same time, it has a variety of sophisticated technology platforms, as well as helping customers complete the transformation and upgrading of automation.

The company has a professional R&D team, according to different laser beam output quality for dynamic focusing system research and development, has the domestic leading, independent R&D property rights of the core patented technology.

Kunshan Radium Taike products are of high quality, stability and reliability. They have the advantages of low light loss, high optical utilization, fine spot and high marking accuracy. At the same time, the company can provide ODM customized services according to the specific needs of customers, through optical, motion control, vision, application software and other aspects of re-development, improve customer product performance and competitiveness. Up to now, Kunshan Radium Tektek has provided customized services for many well-known listed companies in China. The products have been applied in surface processing, 3D relief, large-scale marking, sculpture, cutting, laser welding and other industries.

As the pioneer of dynamic focusing system in China, Kunshan Radium & Tektek has been invited to attend the 10th Asian (Shenzhen) International Laser Intelligent Manufacturing Exhibition in 2016 and the 10th Asian (Shenzhen) International Laser Application Technology Forum in 2016. Their products will meet with new and old customers, further explore the technology and application fields of dynamic focusing system products, and welcome new and old customers. Come and attend the lecture.