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Radium Tektronix Makes Advanced Manufacturing Industry with Laser Technology

In recent years, Jiangsu has been advocating the development of advanced manufacturing industry and building a high-end industrial base in the Asia-Pacific region. After 20 years of development, facing the opportunity of industrial restructuring again, Jiangsu must develop advanced high-tech manufacturing industry to occupy the commanding heights of manufacturing industry. The advanced manufacturing industry is relative to the traditional manufacturing industry. It refers to the continuous absorption of high-tech achievements in electronic information, computers, machinery, materials and modern management technology, and the realization of high-quality, efficient, low-consumption, clean and flexible production, that is, the realization of information, automation, intelligence, flexibility and ecological production.

To build an advanced manufacturing industry, we need to take courage to revolutionize the traditional manufacturing industry. In this process, one hand (manipulator) and one knife (light knife) are indispensable. In order to realize flexible, low-cost and high-efficiency manufacturing, robots have replaced labor-intensive production, and laser processing has replaced traditional processing methods.

Laser is also known as 'the fastest knife' and 'the most accurate ruler'. In recent years, the vigorous development of laser industry has attracted much attention. The outstanding advantages of laser processing have attracted the attention of optical communication, semiconductor, photovoltaic, automobile, electronic technology, iron and steel metallurgy, mechanical and heavy industry and other industries. Laser processing technology has been introduced one after another, playing a vital role in various processes.

In recent years, some powerful enterprises in Jiangsu, such as Foxconn, BYD, Huawei, ZTE and many other enterprises in the fields of electronic manufacturing and sheet metal mould, have adopted laser processing in succession, which has made important contributions to building advanced manufacturing industry and promoting the development of high value-added industries in Jiangsu.

At present, Jiangsu has become the second laser industry gathering place in China after Wuhan. Its laser enterprises are mainly concentrated in Suzhou, Wuxi and Yangzhou.

According to Bao'an Daily last year, there are nearly 100 registered enterprises in the laser cutting and processing industry in Jiangsu, including 65 enterprises in Yangzhou, accounting for 65%. According to preliminary statistics, in 2010, the total sales volume of laser cutting and processing industry in Yangzhou District is about 800 million yuan.

Jiangsu is the largest laser application market in China, with huge market potential. Laser equipment is widely used in almost all industries.

He further disclosed that in 2011, the total output value of the laser industry in China was about 110 billion yuan. Among them, the sales revenue of laser equipment is about 30 billion yuan, the laser processing service industry downstream of the industrial chain is about 35 billion yuan, and the laser products are about 45 billion yuan.

Since the reform and opening up, Jiangsu has a tradition of sample processing industry model. In recent 10 years, despite the transformation of Jiangsu to high-tech, there are still a large number of high-tech processing industry, such as Foxconn, the world's largest generation factory. The huge OEM industry space and the demand for laser processing in Jiangsu and Zhejiang make it the largest laser application market in China. With such a huge market, Jiangsu's future development potential in the laser industry is still enormous.